Jacob and Amanda here.

We want to help you and your family live the best life possible with science, actionable tips... and a healthy dose of butter.


As newlyweds, we tried everything to lose weight and get healthy...

... including spending hours at the gym, going vegan, and soaking up every health documentary streaming on Netflix.

Yet nothing worked: we still felt fat, tired, and foggy (and this was before having kids).

We had big plans for the future: an MBA, an MD, and babies of our own. We knew that we needed to get our act together if we wanted a fighting chance to survive it all.

So instead of trying to follow the latest health trend, we started researching. After months of trial and error, we discovered that a high-fat diet made us feel better than anything else (even if it wasn't mainstream).

And now we want to help you.

If you're new to keto (or want to get your family on board), this is the place for you. We'll break down the hard science behind why it works, and give you tips for staying on track--even if life gets a little hectic.

So brew some butter coffee, sit back, and relax. You're part of the Keto Family now.


Scott Shot

Hey! I'm Scott.

I’m a DO student in the Air Force and a nutrition enthusiast—and I happen to be Amanda’s cousin and Jacob’s best friend. The ketogenic diet has played a huge role in keeping me focused and energized while I attend medical school, whether I’m standing all day during a surgery or keeping my cool around patients. The science makes sense, and I want to show you why it works.