101 Keto snack ideas that take minutes to prepare (using ingredients you already have lying around)

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The most common problem newbies have on keto? 1) Figuring out what they can eat, and 2) Keeping their stomachs satisfied throughout the day.

If you’ve already mastered what you can eat on a ketogenic diet, you probably don’t need 101 keto snack ideas—in fact, you probably shouldn’t snack at all so you can decrease your insulin resistance by fasting between meals. But when you’re just starting out, snacks can be a lifesaver—and they can be the difference between keeping keto and raiding your nearest vending machine.

I put together 101 keto snack ideas because the lists I have seen just didn’t have enough creativity to them. ;) 25? 50? You need at least 101, people! You saw it here first!

A few notes before you dive in:

  1. This list was created for you to get food in your stomach in a few minutes (at most), using things most keto followers already have in their fridges—most take 5 minutes or less. Heck, the majority of these are just grab-and-go style foods.

  2. Always check your macros. Some of these ideas are higher in carbs than others, so make sure you account for that if you’re tracking your food.

  3. Some of these “cheat” on the prep time by assuming you’ve already made some things—but again, if you’re keeping keto you likely have many of these premade items in your fridge.

  4. Everyone approaches keto differently. We personally wouldn’t eat everything on this list, and you might not either—but everyone has different preferences and resources. These are just snacks that are either popular in the keto community, or fit nicely with a keto lifestyle.

  5. Super bonus tip: if you’re fasting between meals instead of snacking, you can easily create a quick lunch or dinner plate by assembling 3-5 of these list items together!

Without further ado...

Running out of snack ideas? Need to refresh your keto creativity between meals? Here's a list of 101 keto-friendly snacks (that use ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!).


  1. Pepperoni/salami chips

  2. Hard boiled eggs with Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning

  3. Jerky (but watch your carbs! Here’s a very keto friendly one)

  4. Epic bars (only certain kinds, though; here’s a flavor we’d recommend)

  5. Duke’s “shorty” sausages

  6. Lil’ smokies dipped in mustard

  7. Quick tuna salad (here’s a keto-friendly recipe)

  8. Egg salad (this recipe is quick if you already have boiled eggs around!)

  9. Egg drop soup (recipe)

  10. Frozen meatballs topped with cheese and pesto

  11. Canned vienna sausages (some people like them!) fried up, dipped in mustard

  12. Sardines with your favorite seasoning

  13. Brown n’ serve sausage patties topped with guac/salsa/cheese

  14. Pickled eggs

  15. Bacon jerky


  1. String cheese

  2. Cello Whisps

  3. Full fat unsweetened yogurt (such as Fage) topped with nuts, cacao nibs, or unsweetened coconut flakes

  4. Cottage cheese with a few berries

  5. Grilled halloumi cheese

  6. Moon Cheese

  7. Babybel cheeses

  8. Brie smeared on mini peppers (or ham!)


  1. Cloud bread and butter (recipe)

  2. Primal Thin Crackers dipped in sour cream

  3. Keto muffins with butter (recipe)

  4. Quest Protein Chips

  5. Baked tortilla chips (recipe) using low carb tortillas (these tortillas are our favorite!), topped with sour cream and cheese

  6. 90-second bread (basic recipe here)

  7. Cheese and Flackers


  1. Seaweed snacks

  2. Coleslaw (recipe)

  3. Mini peppers schmeared with cream cheese

  4. Celery sticks and ranch

  5. Freeze-dried okra

  6. Bagged salad with ranch and bacon bits

  7. Halved mini peppers dipped in low-carb hummus (recipe)

  8. Low-carb veggies and cream cheese dip (here’s a good recipe)

  9. Parmesan zucchini chips (recipe)

  10. Celery topped with cream cheese and bacon bits

  11. Radishes and ranch

  12. Kimchi (watch for excess sugar. Here’s one with good macros.)

  13. Sugar snap peas with ranch (carbs can add up, so watch out)

  14. Greek salad: cucumber, tomato, red onion, feta, olives

Straight up fat

  1. Pork rinds (these are our favorites)

  2. Fat bombs (here’s a super easy recipe)

  3. Olives

  4. Scoop of sugar free peanut butter

  5. Halved avocado w/ salt and pepper (or Everything But The Bagel Seasoning)

  6. Melted cacao butter mixed with almond butter


  1. Butter coffee or Bulletproof Coffee

  2. Green smoothie (good recipe)

  3. Sugar free hot chocolate with heavy whipping cream, blended with MCT oil

  4. Bone broth (blend in butter to make even more decadent!)

  5. Low carb protein shakes (here’s a brand with good macros)


  1. Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bites

  2. Kirkland Signature protein bars (get them online if you have to, but you might as well just run to Costco)


  1. Almonds

  2. Pistachios

  3. Pecans

  4. Chia pudding (takes minutes to prep, but needs to set overnight)

  5. DIY trail mix with nuts, unsweetened coconut, and low sugar chocolate chips

  6. Macadamia nuts

  7. Pili nuts

  8. Roasted salted pumpkin seeds (watch for added sugars and flavors: here’s a good one with 0 net carbs)

  9. Brazil nuts

  10. Walnuts


  1. Sugar-free chocolate (ChocZero is amazing!)

  2. Low carb tortilla with peanut butter and Lily’s chocolate chips

  3. A few spoonfuls of Halo Top ice cream ;)

  4. Dark chocolate dipped in homemade cheesecake dip (recipe)

  5. Fat Snax cookies

  6. Quest Protein Cookies

  7. Smashed raspberries, cream cheese and dark chocolate chips

  8. Keto whip: blend heavy cream with sugar free gelatin (here’s a brand sweetened with stevia)

  9. Keto mug cakes (fast recipe here)

  10. Sugar free jello (here’s a stevia-sweetened brand)

  11. Chocolate mousse (fast recipe here)

  12. Mascarpone mousse with berries (another fast recipe)

  13. Smart Sweets gummy bears (keto-friendly, but watch your portions)

  14. Nekstella (on it’s own or on low-carb bread/tortillas)

Mini meals

  1. Leftovers from your fridge!

  2. Cucumber sandwich with smoked salmon and cream cheese (scrape out the seeds)

  3. Keto quesadilla (low carb tortillas grilled with cheese)

  4. Skillet pizza (try our recipe!)

  5. Nori rollup with cucumber, avocado, and/or smoked salmon

  6. Precooked bacon dipped in guacamole

  7. Celery sticks dipped in a mix of cream cheese and canned, wild-caught smoked salmon

  8. Lavash bread BLT with precooked bacon

  9. Real Good Foods pizza

  10. Chicken salad with avocado (substitute rotisserie chicken) (recipe)

  11. Mini zucchini pizzas (recipe)

  12. Deli cheese and meat roll ups with mustard/mayo

  13. Caprese salad

  14. Deviled ham dip and veggies (recipe)

  15. Fried spam wrapped in nori

  16. Liver pate on low carb crackers

  17. Sandwich cheddar cheese between two pecans

  18. Avocado deviled eggs (recipe—great if you have hard boiled eggs laying around)

  19. Nori + cream cheese + Everything But The Bagel seasoning

  20. Smokehouse almonds dipped in cream cheese

Want the recipes we linked all in one place? I’ve added them to our keto snack Pinterest board so you can check them out anytime.

What are your favorite keto snacks? Leave us a comment!