Keto Starter Kit: 25+ resources to boost your nutrition, fitness, and cooking

We handpicked these products and services based on our personal research and/or the impact they've had on helping us live a more ketogenic lifestyle. Consider it your keto starter kit!

You don’t need every gadget or book under the sun to get started with keto… but as you start changing your diet, the rest of your lifestyle will follow. These are our favorite keto-friendly tools for helping us cook smarter and perform better—it’s a list we’ve whittled down after years of research trying to improve each aspect of our lives (and cooking every keto dish under the sun). We’re constantly adding to this keto starter kit, so check back regularly!

Let’s make one thing clear: You don’t need any special equipment to kick off a ketogenic lifestyle. That being said, certain tools and ingredients are going to make your life a lot easier—and might even become essential staples. When you read more about keto or start digging into the research behind why it works, you’re going to uncover all kinds of tips and tricks. This list was built to save you some time based on the hundreds of hours we've spent researching the ketogenic diet and losing weight with it.

Disclaimer: Some of these resources contain affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission for purchases made through links on this page. We don't promote products and services that we haven't personally used or researched. You can read more about our disclaimer here.

Healthy Lifestyle

Coming from someone who doesn’t like exercise (at ALL), this tool is the last piece of workout equipment we will ever buy—and we’ll never pay for a gym membership again. It slashes your workout time to minutes a day, thanks to resistance training bands that deliver highly targeted gains to all key muscle groups. If you hate going to the gym or you’re looking for a safer, science-backed workout solution, this is the machine for you. Use the code KETOFAMILY at checkout to get $25 off this awesome science-backed machine (or just click here to get the discount automatically applied).

Following keto demands an entire lifestyle change—and if you’re looking for a simple (and noninvasive) way to add mindfulness to your routine, the emWave2 is the number one method we recommend. All it takes is five minutes: turn it on, use it to guide your breathing, and let it track your progress. Back when Jacob was living in his car, this was the tool he used to keep anxiety in check and help him fall asleep even in the most dangerous conditions. It’s peace of mind in one convenient package (that you can carry with you into the rest of the day). Check out this awesome tool here.

When you’re on keto, you’re going to get pretty thirsty… and if you’re like me, you also want your water as cold as possible when you get to it. Hydro Flask is an amazing insulated bottle that solves both issues: Jacob and I use our bottles every day for both cold and hot liquids. (And while I wouldn’t recommend dropping them, they do pass the test... found that out on accident.) Check out some of the amazing reviews for these bottles here.

Bento Jars

When you need to switch up the ol’ “keto snacks for lunch” routine at work, bento canisters are a lifesaver. Jacob has used the Mr. Bento while I’ve used the Ms. Bento, and both are an awesome way to keep hot and cold foods fresh for hours--anything from soup to veggies and everything in between. It’s our favorite way to make work lunches a more mindful experience... which is what keto is really all about, right? Find Mr. Bento here, and find Ms. Bento here.

Kitchen Tools

Sous vide is our favorite method for gently cooking meat so it stays mindblowingly tender and juicy. Our favorite sous vide cooker is the Joule, which has a clean minimalist design and pairs seamlessly with the Joule app on your devices--that means you can view how you want your steak cooked, set the temperature, and get notified when it’s done all on your phone! For the serious foodie that likes cooking a wide range of meat and veggies, sous vide is where it’s at. Read more about Joule here.

We use ours every morning to make French press coffee, and every evening to make tea. Since it takes minutes to get water to a boiling temperature, it’s leagues above using a kettle on the stove. You can get them for a very affordable price on Amazon, and many of them have a neutral stainless steel finish--worth the small investment if you like having hot water on hand.

You’ll be slicing and dicing lots of veggies on keto, and a quality knife will help you get the job done faster (and safer!). We mainly use two knives in our kitchen, both from Victorinox: a chef knife, as well as a paring knife for cutting through cold butter and small veggies for green smoothies. They are so durable and well-made, and will last years!

We have owned THREE blenders (which we all use, believe it or not): a Nutribullet for low carb smoothies, a Magic Bullet for everyday blending (and whipped cream!), and a Vitamix for heavy duty jobs like blending hot soups or making ice cream. They are all amazing for the jobs they do, and we highly encourage you to check out the reviews on them to see which ones work best for your cooking needs. If we had to choose just one, the Vitamix is the hands-down winner (but in our case, it’s living on the other side of the country right now and we can’t use it!).

Keto-friendly ice cream is a diet saver when you have tough cravings or want to eat something that only tastes like a cheat. We’ve gone through a few ice cream makers over the last few times we’ve moved, and have been very satisfied with Cuisinart’s lineup. No ice or manual churning necessary: just pop the bowl in the freezer, and add your ice cream and spin it when you’re ready for a creamy and delicious dessert. Check out the one we use here.

We’ve used this silicone mold to make mini fat bombs and amazing keto-friendly chocolates--it doesn’t have any weird chemical coatings and is fairly easy to clean.

Now that I have an Instant Pot, I’ll probably never use a slow cooker again. This bad boy is amazing at cooking up tender, pull-apart meat, big batches of chili, and delicious soups--even if your meat is frozen! The reviews don’t lie: it’s an awesome all-in-one cooker and perfect for meal planning or getting dinner on the table in a short amount of time.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds on a Vitamix to blend hot soups, whip ice cream ingredients, or blend Bulletproof Coffee, this is the budget friendly solution. We own a KitchenAid immersion blender, which is a mid-range model for the price, and we’ve been very happy with it. (It even blends up soups that our picky 3-year-old will eat!)

Grocery Essentials

Salt is so important on a ketogenic diet because you need to replace the sodium your kidneys excrete as you lower and stabilize your insulin levels. So season at will! We add salt to every dish we cook and even drink it in a plain glass of water so we can get a constant supply of nutrients--and himalayan salt is the go-to variety you should choose. Here’s a brand we like, but you can find it everywhere these days!

This is our go-to oil for everyday cooking and blending into smoothies. We go with a refined oil from this brand to avoid the coconut taste, but try unrefined if you want the extra flavor. It’s a cheap an abundant source of fat!

Every keto starter kit needs MCT oil. :) MCTs (usually derived from coconut oils) give your body the fast energy they need while keeping you satisfied. We highly recommend Bulletproof Brain Octane since it’s the most potent MCT oil we’ve ever tried, but if you’re looking to economize you can give the less potent, regular MCT oil a try. (Just beware, it might make you hungry sooner.)

The perfect salty and spicy kick to your keto food. We’re simple people, and like adding a bit of Crystal Hot Sauce to our eggs, soups, and veggies.

It’s that special something for burgers, veggie dips, and tuna or chicken salads--but we’re not a fan of the hydrogenated oils and sugar in most mayos. The Primal Kitchen Mayo gets a big thumbs up from us because it uses avocado oil as a base.

Another point for Primal Kitchen: this ranch has no weird oils, and has a nice kick of herbs and spices.

Nut Butters

Almond and peanut butters taste amazing--but if you’re feeling fancy, consider pecan butter or cashew butter, too!


We’re big supporters of Bulletproof Coffee beans because they taste amazing and make us feel great. We’ve found that single-source, organic coffees that have been wet processed make the best brew.

Herbal tea is a nice way to get extra fluids and wind down after a long day. We’re a fan of Tazo herbal teas because we can find them just about anywhere.

We could talk about snacks all day--check out our master list of 101 easy keto snacks for our top recommendations. Every keto starter kit needs a few nibbles to get you through the day!


Keto Must-Reads

Head Strong

This is Dave Asprey’s latest bestseller packed with tons of easy tips for turning on your brain by boosting your mitochondria. There’s some surprising nuggets of wisdom in there (who knew cold showers could help your brain?!), so it’s worth a read for science lovers and laymen alike.

Dr. Mercola has been a longtime pioneer for the high fat movement, and in his latest book he discusses the metabolic processes behind ketogenic diets and why this lifestyle is the optimal choice for long-term health. There’s a lot of science, but also plenty of tips for how to choose clean food that will keep you fueled and energized.

Thought all veggies were healthy? Think again: Dr. Steven Gundry is a wicked smart physician, and in this book he breaks down why certain plants are not as nutritious as we thought, and why traditionally healthy foods like beans and peas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. If you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss journey, have autoimmune issues, or find that you still feel bad on your diet, this book is for you.

Dr. David Perlmutter is another brilliant physician breaking down a key contributor to neurological dysfunction: wheat. Get an understanding of why so-called “healthy” grains are actually destroying everything from your brain cells to your memory, and why grain consumption is linked to common disorders like ADHD, depression, and dementia. This is a good starter book for the big carb eaters in your life. :)

This is your keto starter kit: A list of our handpicked favorite products and resources that have helped us live a more ketogenic lifestyle over the years. It's the perfect reference tool for beginners and old pros alike!